"Brewed in Michigan", Author, William Rapai
Date: 5/30/2018
Time: 6:30 PM
William Rapai wrote "Brewed in Michigan: The new golden age of brewing in the Great Beer State". Les Cheneaux Community Library is partnering with the Les Cheneaux Distillers in Cedarville to host Mr.Rapai. Craft brewing now contributes more than $1.8 billion annually to the state's economy and is proving to be an economic catalyst, helping to revive cities and invigorate neighborhoods. William Rapai highlights the forces behind the leading craft breweries in Michigan. Taprooms associated with these breweries have become a conduit for conversation-places for people to gather and discuss current events, raise money for charities, and search for ways to improve their communities. The event will be held at the Les Cheneaux Distillers, 172 S. Meridian, Cedarville. Beer tasting following the program. For more information Call 906-484-3547.