Business Resources

CEDARSCultivating Entrepreneurial Development at our RootS, is a voluntary grassroots collaboration between the communities of Les Cheneaux and St. Ignace to inspire and support business ownership in Mackinac County. We do this by connecting current and prospective business owners and managers with resources, professional assistance and ideas. We are part of the Creating Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) Project administered by the Michigan Land Policy Institute.

Many of our resource partners are linked here. Please use this page as a gateway to additional information about starting and managing a business, and contact our Chambers of Commerce for additional assistance!  
The following web sites contain exciting resources and information for new and existing businesses. All of these resources are based in Michigan and several are based in the Upper Peninsula.
St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce
Les Cheneaux Chamber of Commerce
EUP Regional Planning & Development Commission
Michigan WORKS!
Michigan State University Product Center
LSSU Product Development Center
MSU Land Policy Institute Creating Entrepreneurial Communities Website and click on the link for entrepreneurial communities
MSU Extension
Edward Lowe Foundation
The e-loft
Northern Initiatives
Northern Lakes Economic Alliance
Center for Rural Entrepreneurship
Edward Lowe Foundation

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